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Debt Forgiveness

What if the next President announced that all debt held between U.S. citizens is forgiven? What would be the result? (Speaking figuratively)

Notes on Creation: Genesis 1:1 - 2:4

Darkness existed and then God created Light. Thus, darkness is at the very basic, the natural order of things. Whereas, light is natural as created. Thus light is the gift to the darkness and it is what breaks up the darkness. Light comes forth from God and is a good creation of God. Evening and morning is created. Prior to this act of God, morning did not exist. Evening or darkness came first and then morning and light. The day started with the evening and then moved into the morning. The word "day" is defined for the first time and it is defined by God's creation of light. Thus the first day of creation was bounded by evening and morning.The waters are separated by a dome of sky. There is water beneath the sky, but at creation there was/is also water above this dome of sky.All that seems to have existed below the new dome called "sky" was water. God changed this by separating the water and creating land. This reminds me of God separating the wate…

McCain V. Obama

I am not an expert in politics. Last nights debate reminded me of how little I know about the political process. It is on this note that I am writing down and sharing my thoughts about the presidential candidates and their policies or stances on critical issues.

Health Care

McCain - By offering a tax gift of $5,000 to each family, McCain did not recognize that not everyone has access to health insurance and thus the $5,000 will not go far. In order to get my vote, McCain needs to recognize that some of the people who need the care the most do not have access to health insurance: people who do not work for employers who offer group insurance and those who have illnesses or diseases that were "pre-existing" and thus not insurable.

Obama - This candidate recognizes that not everyone has access to health insurance, that health care is expensive, and that the quality of health care varies depending upon where you live and who you are. The problem is that universal health care ha…

Searching for Peace

Tonight I had a discussion with my friend that was really disturbing to me. We were discussing health insurance and I learned that she does not have any and does not care to have any. What I found most disturbing was not the fact that she doesn't have health insurance and doesn't plan to have it, but the peace that she had in making this statement. I found her peace both bewildering and attractive. As I overwhelmed her with questions, her consistent response was a peaceful "I am fine." That response made me wonder what she had that I was missing. "Is there something she knows that I don't know?" I kept asking myself.

This situation makes me wonder what it is like to not be a believer interacting with a Christian who is at peace with both life and death. Does the Christian faith cause others to have the same sense of bewilderment and curiosity? Do I radiate a sense of peace that causes others to wonder "What secret is she keeping from me?&quo…

Creation Care and Animal Welfare

Over the past couple of weeks I have been doing some research on the history and theology of Christianity and its interaction with animal welfare concerns. One of the over-arching themes that I have found is that many believers think there is a direct link between the manner that we treat animals and how we treat our fellow humans who are considered "the least of these." I have also discovered that in Scripture, most specifically the Hebrew Bible, God clearly instructs us to give great care to those animals over which we have been given "dominion." The Exodus account of the 10 Commandments informs us the reader, that one of the purposes of the Sabbath is to give our animals and workers a rest.

Anyway, I'm working on a campaign with the Humane Society to encourage Christians to eat humanely. Here is a great article, that I would like to share and hear your feedback:



"Only two questions about global poverty have been asked in the history of modern presidential debates.It's a shocking figure and in 2008, we need debate moderator Jim Lehrer to ask John McCain and Barack Obama "Just ONE question" on their plans to fight global poverty.

I just took action with the ONE Campaign and you can too, here: "

Virgin Birth and Salvation Question

Although I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ (Luke 1:34) and believe that Scripture clearly indicates that Mary had no union with a man until after Jesus' birth (Matt 1:25), I wonder where in Scripture it indicates that belief in Mary's virginity is required for Salvation. I ask this question because I come from a church background that does not accept creedal statements as necessary tests of faith and thus have questions about these creeds. In addition, where in Scripture does it indicate that one must believe in the literal meaning of Scripture in order to be saved. Once again, I believe that the words of Scripture are true (2 Tim 3:16), that miracles did happen (gospel accounts), and that Jesus did actually rise from the dead (Luke 24), but where does this requirement, asked by evangelicals, come from?

Yes, I recognize that at the base of my questions is an assumption of the authority of Scripture. You have to start somewhere with faith and this is where I star…

Women in Ministry - Fellow Disciples Minister

A friend shared this link with me and I'd like to pass it on to you:

"The Master..."

“The Master needs them.” I never knew or understood the power of those words until the day I started my present internship. “The White House would like to…” “Master” – what power in that word, a power that seems to be missing from my life. “Boss.” So? “Minister” Yeah, well we all are. “King” There is only one.

I’m not the type of person who is impressed by a title. The President of the United States, a movie star, Martin Luther King, Jr…. the list goes on and on, but they are all still human beings with strengths and weaknesses, loves and failings, jobs, hobbies, family, friends, and a variety of roles.

Earlier today, as I sat in the Capitol, I thought, “If President Bush came up and said ‘hi!’ I think I would greet him just as I would greet anyone.” And then I am challenged to meditate only on a few verses of Scripture and to limit myself to just a few. And I read those words “The Master needs them.” How Powerful! Capital “M.” “The” definitive “Master.” Yet it is becaus…

What it means to be associated with Christ and the Christian community.

I know nothing about what it means to be a Christian. Of course, I know that by definition it means that I am a follower of Christ, and according to evangelical standards it means that I have accepted and received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and accept certain theological beliefs connected with a confession of Christ. But, I am learning, I really do not understand what it means to be a Christian.

Religious Surveys

Here are two interesting surveys related to faith:

and one related to the Catholic faith: