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My Heart Breaks Again

Four months without tears and my heart breaks again.  Who knew that car shopping could be so traumatic?  Each step forward into a new future is different and it appears that purchases can be painful. My poor husband. I've chosen a car, now lets just buy it and get the process over with now. He wants to wait.  I say, "okay."  It seems he wants to wait to purchase the more expensive one.

Then he suggests we purchase a replacement light for my office.  The light fixture fell down over a year ago and it still hasn't been replaced.  This is suppose to be the nursery. A year has passed without replacing the fixture in hopes that it could be replaced with something more nursery appropriate. I pick out a fixture that is $100 that I could see working for both a nursery and office.  Too expensive. I must admit before this errand began I did agree to buy an inexpensive light that could be replaced when we changed the office to a nursery.  So, I choose one that is $50, I can st…