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Q Source & Cell Phone

2 Random Thoughts (or at least somewhat random):

1. Couldn't the Q Source be God?

2. Don't sleep with your cell phone, unless you have the time to search for it in the morning.

a song

"May our homes be filled with dancing
May our streets be filled with joy
May injustice bow to Jesus [I love that line]
As the people turn and pray [this one too]
From the mountain to the vally [I like to imagine this - people from around the world, every walk of life]
Hear our praises rise to You
From the heavens to the nations
Hear the singing fill the air
May our light shine in the darkness
As we walk before the cross
May Your glory fill the whole earth [Amen]
As the water over sea
Hallelujah Hallelujah"

From the song "Hear Our Praises"
by Reuben Morgan
published by Hillsong Publishing and Integrity's Hosanna! Music It is nice sometimes to take a step back, and read the lyrics of a song as poetry.

My Prayer Request

Please pray that God will send someone that will be my prayer partner - and that I will be able to recognize that person is who God sent!

Christianity as a Religion?

"it was the intellectual conviction that only in terms of the Christian
view of things could I make sense out of the social history in which we live and
the ethical decisions we humans have to make." - Langdon Gilkey Santung Compound, p. 73 (Harper and Row, New York, c. 1966)
I am currently reading Langdon Gilkey's Shantung Compound. In my reading, I was struck by how Gilkey describes his acceptance, as a young adult, of the Christian religion. His experience and decision to choose Christianity based upon his interest in what the religious faith stands for and represents stands in contrast to my experience of Christianity as a religion that results from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

His description describes so aptly the religious faith of some of my classmates that I am curious to see how his understanding of Christian identity changes (within this cultural study/biography) and how the class discussions about Gilkey's faith will wander and progress.

Based upon hi…