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Iowa V. Northern Virginia - Cultural Distinctives

Here are some of my initial observations of the cultural differences between Iowa and Northern Virginia (from the perspective of a person who has lived in both cultural contexts):

What Iowans consider to be friendly, Northern Virginians consider to be nosey.Iowans define "hard-working" as labor intensive with few breaks to rest.  Northern Virginians define "hard-working" as efficient, high-level thinking, with the completion of a larger quantity of work in a shorter time.Iowans give standing ovations to recognize the work that was put into the performance. Northern Virginians give standing ovations to recognize a once-in-a-lifetime performance."To talk politics" in an acceptable manner in Iowa, one discusses current issues and how they impact people you know and criticizes politicians who express extreme views.  "To talk politics" in Northern Virginia is comparable to discussing the Iowa-Iowa State football game in Iowa.  The discussion focuses …

Letters to a Future Church

So, I just stumbled upon a contest, where members of the U.S. American church are challenged to write a letter to the church answering the question, "If I could say anything to the church, what would it be?"  The contest ends tonight at midnight (oops - I guess it ended at noon - I missed it).  Here is the website that details the contest:

Since I just stumbled upon the contest, here is my impromptu response (hopefully this counts as submitting it in the contest?):

Dear church,
            Don’t be so concerned with fitting in with culture.  I remember how hard you tried as pre-teens to gain approval from your peers, how in middle school you were taunted for the way your faith made you stand out, that is okay.  It is okay to not fit in.  The early disciples didn’t fit in, “and more were added to their number each day.” (Acts 2:47)
            Be not afraid.  Don’t forget the power of God is real!  We so easily dismiss…