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I'm Angry at Infertility

I'm angry at infertility.  Tonight I learned that a couple who were married the same weekend as my husband and I are getting divorced.  They too were unable to have children.  I'm angry at infertility.

Tonight I was asked by a stranger if I have any children.  I plainly answered "not any on earth."  The person got silent and turned towards another person to converse.  It struck me that I answered so matter of fact, without any emotion or thought.  It also struck me that there were many other ways I could have answered, but for some reason that is how I chose to answer.  I'm angry at infertility.

This past week I went to the eye doctor.  I shared with her how when I was grieving our baby this spring I found yellow or warm light irritating.  She shared how many veterans with PTSD identify with this sentiment.  She recommended blue-tinted glass lenses.  I'm angry at infertility.

My sister commented on how I have about sixty or seventy children through both my v…

Thirst for Classical Knowledge

For the last few years I have had a great thirst for knowledge.  I've wanted to pick up all of what I missed as a student in the public school system.  Some of it I missed at my own fault.  My theology of the time doubted the faith of my teachers and questioned whether what they were teaching me was true or not.  On the other hand, while my school touted the line "success for all" it defined "success" in achievement, rather than...  funny, I can picture the word, but I can't bring it to mind.  The idea of an applicable grasp of a subject in relation to other subjects and use in the world.

When I worked in Virginia, I was briefly exposed to classical education and a realization that I missed out on learning about the greats!  Actually, that realization started when I was a student at a prestigious university where I realized I didn't know half of what all my classmates were talking about when they mentioned great writers and philosophers.  And then in m…