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Interesting Article - your thoughts?

Palin - need I say more?

Even though I was very much opposed to Sarah Palin being the Republican choice for President... er, I mean Vice President, I would be a huge supporter of her starting her very own talk show. The release of Palin's new book, "Going Rogue" and her much (too-long) awaited appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" seem to have appropriately gained U.S. Americans attention as well as my own. I agree with both Jeff Simon, from "the Buffalo News" and Oprah, Sarah Palin would be a great talk show host. (See Simon's article:

Palin would be a draw for conservatives and Christians and perhaps she could still end up being the "magic" the disillusioned Republican party needs. She may not be President, but we all know how influential talk show hosts and media personalities can be -- just look at "O." Perhaps McCain wasn't too far off course - Palin perhaps is the key to his party's future…

The Risks of Being Fatherless

Recently I became aware of how significantly the absence of fathers in today's culture is impacting society. It is incredible how we can examine nearly any social problem today and find a place where the absence of fathers has had a negative impact on the area of social concern. As a result of this recent raised awareness, I'm going to be intentional about posting on the topic of fatherlessness and fatherhood on this blog.

To start, I'd like to direct your attention to a recent blog post by Roland Warren of the National Fatherhood Initiative:

Is the way the church uses time sending the wrong message?

Wow! I came across this great statement today in a book I am reading about pastoral vocational clarity. I thought I would share it here - I think it is quite prophetic!

"A pastor who is calling laity from their busy lives to committee meetings,
workshops, house cleanings, and work sessions more often than to prayer and
worship is serving the present confusion about the true nature and identity of
God's ecclesia in the world.

More times of prayer, study, and meditation; expanded opportunities of
worship; and calling the faithful into sacred space for sacred time in sacred
togetherness will help lead the church into its true vocation." - Victor L. Hunter in "Desert Hearts and Healing Fountains: Gaining Pastoral Vocational Clarity." p. 41

Do men and women hear the gospel differently?

Because of a conversation I had with my husband yesterday, I've been thinking about how men and women hear words and think differently. This conversation contributes to other conversations I've had with people about a recent sermon. It seems as though the flow of the sermon made more logical sense to women then it did for men. I also think of the sermons that I have heard that I have found frustrating, but for some reason have really spiritually fed men. I wonder about this and what it means.

For example, my husband and I were discussing our conceptions of God. If I understand correctly he sees the military exploits of God in the Old Testament as exactly that - military exploits. Whereas I see them as stories of God's grace being repetitively extended and then FINALLY being worn out as God decides to act against an injustice that cannot be corrected in another way.

This morning I read the beginning of 2 Timothy and realized how I clung to the emotive words (or somewhat inter…