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Faith & Infertility - The most important advice

Have you hit the point of spiritual crisis?  If you are reading this you may even be past that point.  I'm a pastor and this journey of infertility has taken me there more than once. You are not alone.

This journey has taught me not to offer advice, but to just listen and to recognize the struggle.  So I am going to go out on the limb and offer you just one piece of advice in regard to faith on this journey - and it is the most important advice we all need. Do Not Harden Your Heart Towards God.   It is tempting to do so, but keep engaging in conversation with God.  If you are angry, tell God you are angry.  If you want to avoid God, tell God that it is hard for you to stay close.  If your faith feels smaller than a mustard seed, tell God that you are having trouble believing and that sometimes it feels like you are just talking to open space.  Keep struggling with God and don't give up.  God won't.

There is plenty of examples in the Bible that give us warrant to do so.  O…