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Living as Jesus Commanded (Matthew 1 - 9)

What would our lives look like if we actually lived the way Christ asked us to live?  I personally find it quite difficult to live as he commanded.  Here are some of the things he asked for:

Be baptized (Mt. 3:15)Live on the Word of God (Mt. 4:4)Do not put God to the test (Mt. 4:7)Worship the Lord and serve Him only (Mt. 4:10)Repent (Mt. 4:17)Follow Jesus (Mt. 4:19 & repeated several times)Fish for people (Mt. 4:19)Rejoice in the midst of persecution (Mt. 5:12)Let your light shine through good deeds (Mt. 5:12)Practice & teach God's law (Mt. 5:19)Quickly reconcile with others (Mt. 5:23)Do not look at anyone lustfully (Mt. 5:28)Don't divorce, commit adultery, or marry someone who is divorced (Mt. 5:32)Don't make oaths, just say "yes" or "no" (Mt. 5:36)Do not resist an evil person (Mt. 5:39)Give to the one who asks - do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow (Mt. 5:42)Be perfect like your Father in heaven (Mt. 5:48)Don't practice your r…

Infertility and Womanhood

I've always felt more comfortable in co-ed situations.  I was disappointed when I reached high school and could no longer play on a co-ed soccer team.  I like pink and lace and girly things, yet I prefer the conversation and time that is spent with others that is co-ed.

Having shared this, I've been spending a lot of time with other women lately.  Last week I attended a women's conference.  This weekend I attended another women's conference to cheer on my sister as she was the keynote.  Today I attended a bridal shower.

After coming home from the bridal shower I've been torn how to respond to my mother's and sister's strong desire for the three of us to go to a movie together.  I understand how they think it would be fun - us three girls - but it doesn't sound fun to me.  (And a side note: I think I'm the one who brought it up!)

I started reflecting up this some more and I think I am not enjoying hanging out with other women in a new way because I…

Stardust - I finally get it!

Spark of Life