Searching for Peace

Tonight I had a discussion with my friend that was really disturbing to me. We were discussing health insurance and I learned that she does not have any and does not care to have any. What I found most disturbing was not the fact that she doesn't have health insurance and doesn't plan to have it, but the peace that she had in making this statement. I found her peace both bewildering and attractive. As I overwhelmed her with questions, her consistent response was a peaceful "I am fine." That response made me wonder what she had that I was missing. "Is there something she knows that I don't know?" I kept asking myself.

This situation makes me wonder what it is like to not be a believer interacting with a Christian who is at peace with both life and death. Does the Christian faith cause others to have the same sense of bewilderment and curiosity? Do I radiate a sense of peace that causes others to wonder "What secret is she keeping from me?" Does God's presence that gives "peace that passeth understanding" flow through my life in a manner that would attract others to faith in Jesus Christ? Do people ask, "What does she have in her life that I am missing? Why does she have that sense of peace that I seem unable to find?"


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