Virgin Birth and Salvation Question

Although I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ (Luke 1:34) and believe that Scripture clearly indicates that Mary had no union with a man until after Jesus' birth (Matt 1:25), I wonder where in Scripture it indicates that belief in Mary's virginity is required for Salvation. I ask this question because I come from a church background that does not accept creedal statements as necessary tests of faith and thus have questions about these creeds. In addition, where in Scripture does it indicate that one must believe in the literal meaning of Scripture in order to be saved. Once again, I believe that the words of Scripture are true (2 Tim 3:16), that miracles did happen (gospel accounts), and that Jesus did actually rise from the dead (Luke 24), but where does this requirement, asked by evangelicals, come from?

Yes, I recognize that at the base of my questions is an assumption of the authority of Scripture. You have to start somewhere with faith and this is where I start.


ks said…
Ron JOhnson at NWC didn't think it was an important detail of the Christian faith. It made me mad when he said that, too. I don't know that it's necessary for salvation, as in the turning point in which a person becomes redeemed and justified, but I think it's important for our sanctification. And, like you said, how much of the bible do you believe if you can't believe something plainly stated like that? There are other reasons for its significance, I think:
1) If you believe man is conceived in sin because of the seed of Adam, then to say that Jesus was conceived in sin would make Him imperfect, thus nullifying his atoning work.
2) It is a statement about the unity of the holy Trinity - the Father, son and Spirit all were involved in Jesus' incarnation. The Holy Spirit's role is important to note because Jesus' birth is part of the foundation of our faith, and the Holy Spirit's sanctifying work in us is how Jesus' salvation is completed. Not sure that one makes sense. I'm not finding the right words today.
3) fulfillment of the law and the prophets - prophesy fulfilled in Jesus' coming, law fulfilled (in part) by Jesus' human perfection and being a perfect sacrifice (see #1).
And now you have a glimpse into more of my theology than you probably ever needed. :o)

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