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Back in Motion

It has been a while since I last updated my blog and there are so many things that I could write. I'll attempt to touch upon the few things I've learned since my last entry.

1. Ash Wednesday. Where do I even start to write on this topic? It is a topic that has been weighing on my heart since I first learned that the church I work at has a yearly Ash Wednesday service. You see, I grew up as a member of a congregation that didn't celebrate lent, Ash Wednesday, and other holidays that they couldn't seem to justify honoring. So, when I was told that one of my duties as a children and youth director was to plan for the kids to attend the church's Ash Wednesday service my heart and my mind began some deep soul, people, and web searching.

I probably should have written each day of my search - it would have made some interesting entries and might have made me the blog of the year! (Oh, yeah, that is right, we all are the person of the year...) What I discovered on my search …


I'm cold. I just thought I should share that.

Imposing God's Will On Others

Okay, it is time to get a bit vulnerable. I'm not sure I will be able to articulate this very well, or even say what I mean, but I think I will give it a try.

When I first moved home to start the ministry God called me to start, I moved because God told me to "go" and I did because God told me to "do."

Now, I didn't fight to get paid, because I didn't think it was right of me to impose that demand upon someone who didn't invite me in to minister. But at the same time I do feel as though I was mis-led by human agents who said they would hire me.

My aunt will often gripe to me about how this organization "used me." And it really frustrates me, because from their perspective, maybe they think I used them. No, I don't really think that. But, it bugs me when my aunt says this, because I came to them with the message that God gave me. I think because "I" initiated the conversation I shouldn't push or demand too hard, but instead …