What it means to be associated with Christ and the Christian community.

I know nothing about what it means to be a Christian. Of course, I know that by definition it means that I am a follower of Christ, and according to evangelical standards it means that I have accepted and received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and accept certain theological beliefs connected with a confession of Christ. But, I am learning, I really do not understand what it means to be a Christian.


Katie Z. said…
Defining what it means to be Christian is so difficult. I think in part because it seems every group defines it slightly differently!

You mentioned "evangelical standards" - which i would think are merely one among a vast number of ways to define what it means to be Christian. There is also a more "mainline" slant, a more "catholic" slant, etc.

A friend has an interesting post re: accepting Christ that you might find useful (here)

I wonder if you asked people to post their own definitions how many you would get!

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