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Ministry Pain

One of the toughest parts of this ministry is the pain. Seeing the pain in the kids' lives; knowing that there are people in this world who could help them, love them, and show them what it feels like and means to be cared for; and watching the worldview of these helpers interfere with the greatest assistance they could offer these kids, themselves. Their pain becomes my pain and it is overwhelming. I hear their stories and grieve because I know people who could help, but they are too selfish to help. I want to pray and I am called to pray, but I stop shortly after "God help them," because I know that to pray would be too exhausting and to start means I would have to at some point stop.

There are kids who are emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically dying who just need one person to truely show they care. What will that take? A few hours? A few days? An investment of time and emotional energy? The risk of being hurt and wounded and thinking all the work…