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Tips for a Car Salesperson from a Potential Customer

Dear Car Salesperson,
For the last eleven months my husband and I have been shopping for a car.We have been eager to buy, and yet we have not purchased any vehicle.I believe this is due to poor salesmanship of the auto industry.So, I now offer tips to all car salespeople.
·Don’t forget to close the sale.Bring the contract (with the small print) to the customer and ask them how they want to pay.Yes, even before they have said, “Yes.”    A customer can't pick up a car and carry it through the check-out lane.  The customer has to wait until the salesperson pulls out the contract and asks for the money.  Assume their answer is "yes," and say, "so, here is the contract... how would you like to pay?" The ability to close the sale is an essential skill for a car salesperson! 
·That being said, don’t ask questions where the customer will answer “no.”When you ask a question where the answer is “no,” it makes it easier for the customer to say “no,” when you try to sell the…