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Middle School Youth Lesson - Samson & Luke Cage - Judges 13 - 16

Middle School Youth – Samson’s Strength and Being a Hero of Our Time
Start with Pizza Party.
Competitive Game
Ask each youth to blow up a balloon and then tie a string to it.Next, have them tie the string to their ankle.The goal of this game is for each youth to protect the balloon tied to his own ankle while trying to pop the balloon tied on the ankles of other youth.
Team maker Game
Invite the youth to pair up.Have the pairs sit back-to-back.They have to stand up together without their hands or arms touching the floor.Then have the youth get in groups of three and try this again.Then four. Then five. See if you can get the whole group together to stand up as one.
Pop Culture Reference
TV Show: Luke Cage
“Everyone has a gun, no one has a father.” – Luke Cage
Luke Cage is an average guy who has done some time and is trying to find his way – except for one special gift – he is “immune to bullets.”
His skin is impenetrable.
Watch Luke Cage trailer on YouTube or Netflix.
Takes place in the streets o…