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Liberalism = Conservatism (or no labels?)

Liberalism is as conservative as conservatism and I am disappointed.

I listen to classmates speak about their own belief and worldview systems and hear the undertoned assumption of the "rightness" to what they say. It is okay for liberal Christians to give political sermons that condemn the war in Iraq, but there is something wrong about the conservative Christians who support the war. (?) Both dichotomous groups have a methodology of reason by which they come to their own conclusions about knowledge and truth, and see these methods and epistemologies as superior to those who do not hold the same system of thought. It is as if the divide between liberals and conservatives falls down on political issues and "right" thinking, but I always thought the difference was over one's understanding of truth or Truth. (Some might say that the difference is whether one was able to hear and honestly consider another's thoughts, beliefs, and reasonings.) Some conservati…