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Truly Letting Go

Tonight God taught me a very important lesson. Over the years when I have "let go, let God" I have handed over aspects of my life to God and said "here God, if you want to take it away, I trust you." But what I realize now is that this is an Old Covenant way of thinking. When Abraham took Isaac up the mountain to sacrifice him, he was ready for God to take Isaac away. But that is not what God did--instead God redeemed Isaac! God redeems!

So, to "let go" and to "Let God" is to trust God in what we know to be God's character. God is a giver of life. God redeems. God brings fruit! So tonight I hand over with joy all aspects of my life and I hand over everything with a sense of giving out of my abundance, knowing that God receives this gift and will handle it in a manner that is truly good and life-giving! Tonight I "let go, Let God" knowing that God does and will redeem!