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Colossians: The Mystery of God Revealed

What would happen if I went through every verse in a book of the Bible and recorded what it says about Jesus Christ? What would I find?

According to the book of Colossians, Jesus is:

The Son of God (1:3)Lord (1:3; 2:6; 3:17) The Christ (1:1, 3 - and many of the verses that follow.)Image of the Invisible God (1:15) Firstborn of All Creation (1:15) Firstborn From the Dead (1:18) Before Everything / The Beginning (1:17, 18) Head of the Body--the Church (1:18)Head of Every Ruler and Authority (2:10) The Hope of Glory (1:27)God's Mystery (1:27; 2:2)Risen (3:1)In Us (1:2)Proclaimed by the Apostles (a.k.a the Embodiment of the Good News/Gospel) (1:28) Seated Above (3:1) Seated at the Right Hand of God (3:1)

But, this is not it! There is so much more. We also learn from Paul and Timothy in the letter to the believers in Colossae, that:

Jesus appointed followers to spread His word:
Jesus had apostles. (1:1)There are ministers of Christ. (1:7)Jesus powerfully inspires energy in the apostle Paul.…