Do men and women hear the gospel differently?

Because of a conversation I had with my husband yesterday, I've been thinking about how men and women hear words and think differently. This conversation contributes to other conversations I've had with people about a recent sermon. It seems as though the flow of the sermon made more logical sense to women then it did for men. I also think of the sermons that I have heard that I have found frustrating, but for some reason have really spiritually fed men. I wonder about this and what it means.

For example, my husband and I were discussing our conceptions of God. If I understand correctly he sees the military exploits of God in the Old Testament as exactly that - military exploits. Whereas I see them as stories of God's grace being repetitively extended and then FINALLY being worn out as God decides to act against an injustice that cannot be corrected in another way.

This morning I read the beginning of 2 Timothy and realized how I clung to the emotive words (or somewhat interpreted them as such), such as "not ashamed," "tears," "trust," "sincere," "faith," and "love." I read this passage as saying that the Good News is eternal life, One worthy of our faith, and pure love. I wonder if the same words stand out to other women and if in general different words stand out to men. When men read this section do the action words stand out? Words such as "self-discipline," "testimony," "power," "purpose," "abolished," "suffer," "standard," and "guard"? I'd like to find a way to test this or at least I want to be attentive to how men speak of Scripture and sermons. What parts do they grab hold to? How do men talk of the gospel? Is it different then women? What part of Jesus Christ's and his follower's suffering is most meaningful to each gender? Is it the physical pain or the sense of betrayal? Is it the experience of physical death or is it the separation from human life?

So, what are your thoughts? Do men and women hear, receive, and pass on the gospel message differently? Why? or Why not?


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