Palin - need I say more?

Even though I was very much opposed to Sarah Palin being the Republican choice for President... er, I mean Vice President, I would be a huge supporter of her starting her very own talk show. The release of Palin's new book, "Going Rogue" and her much (too-long) awaited appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" seem to have appropriately gained U.S. Americans attention as well as my own. I agree with both Jeff Simon, from "the Buffalo News" and Oprah, Sarah Palin would be a great talk show host. (See Simon's article:

Palin would be a draw for conservatives and Christians and perhaps she could still end up being the "magic" the disillusioned Republican party needs. She may not be President, but we all know how influential talk show hosts and media personalities can be -- just look at "O." Perhaps McCain wasn't too far off course - Palin perhaps is the key to his party's future. The question though remains: Will this national treasure, like so many others, be improperly tapped?

Quick note: Prior to writing this post I was unaware of how many other bloggers titled posts about Sarah Palin as "Palin - need I say more?" This raises the question - has Sarah Palin's name become a cultural symbol? And if it has - what is the meaning or what are the meanings of this symbol. What type of icon has she become? Is this not further proof we have a talk show celebrity in the making?


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