Volume 2?

The past week has been a time of reflection and revelation. In my personal journal today, I wrote: "I know what I've realized in the past day or two." and then continued:

I came to recognize that volume two of my life may not be so different and
segmented from volume one as I had thought. Perhaps, the volumes of my
life, or at least these two, are more like the "Back to the Future" movie
trilogy. Similar characters with similar personalities and similar
themes, but different time periods.

Thus, I remain me, fully intact, but better acquainted with myself and confirmed with my call to reach the lost, the broken, the hurting, and the spiritually hungry and to be a disciple model for the church to follow.


Sydney Darnay said…
Ah, good! So I get to read volume 1 after all--just in translation. ;-)

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