Infertility Rap

Wrote this a while back...

The Infertility Rap:

You think it is ‘bout baby lust –

You R partially wrong – it is much more –

Social circles, legacy, old age plan –

Who will take care of me,

Holidays and High School football games

& no excuse to see a Disney movie;

It’s ‘bout little girls playing w/dolls

Who never grow up to be called mom

& not having an answer when someone asks you ‘bout your kids,

Its broken dreams &

Love unseen &

Missing family photographs.

It’s about grief without a RIP,

Timed intimacy & meds;

Awkward questions, awkward answers,

Awkward moments – too bad!

You see infertility

Is about more than just

Not having a baby

It is reoccurring grief &

A future not conceived.


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