Giving Thanks for Infertility

In the Bible we are instructed to give thanks in all circumstances. There is a point of obedience to that instruction, but there is also a point of authenticity in obedience to that instruction.  I can give thanks for this time of infertility, but I can also be grateful for it.

Last night, for the first time I gave thanks and meant it.

The gift of childlessness has opened up a wide variety of possibilities for me and my husband regarding our future life together.  Just as marriage for some can interfere with their fulfilling many purposes in life, whereas for others marriage opens up the opportunities for ministry.  So to both having children and not having children create two different routes for ministry and life.

As a couple we can use this period of our lives to pay down our debts, build a solid foundation for our marriage, and prepare for the adventure that awaits us in the next stage of life.  And I have to admit that this sounds quite exciting!

Rather than seeing the parenting stage as the main stage of life that defines all others to come.  We can view this childless during the average childbearing stage as a time to prepare for a future that is not yet known.  I'm pretty thrilled about the possibilities!

No one told me that the stage after acceptance is thankfulness.  But this is a pretty cool conclusion to the grief cycle!

I have to admit that I thought I would be stuck in this grief cycle forever - that the distance between stages would just expand.  But, I actually think thankfulness is the route out and the door to a new world. Thankfulness opens up the possibilities of what could be.

Super exciting!  Praise the Lord! Thank you God! Amen.


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