Celebrate Recovery - Infertility Style - Making Changes

Last Sunday I preached on Making Changes. The item that most caught my attention was the idea of taking one day at a time and asking God for that one item to do today.  Living into this new idea of a future that is unknown and could possibly be childless is much simpler when it is taken one day at a time, one action step at a moment.  What habits have I started as a result of my infertility that need to be changed?  How do I trust God with today and not even worry about tomorrow?  The result has been quite refreshing!  Instead of trying to figure out how to live as a childless adult (even though that is what I have been my entire adult life!), I ask how am I to live today? That simple question opens up a world of possibilities and over the last week it has revealed what an incredible gift it is to be a pastor and to have the privilege of being able to listen to the stories of the "least of these."  The more simple people who live life from the perspective of a child have so much to teach us about what it means to live in faith.  In fact what they have to teach us is rather profound.  And perhaps then it isn't really about making changes, but rather about living in the moment and appreciating what we have today.

I thought my one change to focus on would be one of the daily life habits I want to change, but instead it has been about relearning to appreciate the now. And it feels good.


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