Celebrate Recovery - Infertility Style - Coming Clean

The fourth healthy life choice is to come clean.  The idea is to think about the people you resent, fear, or have trouble with and then to reflect upon the cause, effect, damage, and your role in all of that.  This process can be quite healing as it allows us to purify our hearts which brings joy and freedom. I think though that this healing choice is pretty automatic in the journey through infertility.  Infertility for many makes you super aware of your humanity and the weaknesses of that humanity.  If you take any hormonal drugs, you become acutely aware of this, as does your spouse, close family, and co-workers. And because of the grief cycle, in your sadness and anger you have to face head-on these menaces of your past.  And yet on the journey through this you hurt more people and are hurt in new ways.  You begin to resent the super-fertile who are unable to take care of their legacy on this planet.  Yet, you still have to face that resentment and grow past it as you seek to find resolution and acceptance in your own journey.  In fact in the end you may even become more compassionate when you realize that they like you, don't have control. They are blessed with super-fertility, you are blessed with low-fertility if any.  So this healing choice is just part of the journey - a cleansing of your soul of guilt from the past and a time of introspection on why you hurt now.


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