Barren Pastor

Early this morning I had a dream that I was in an Avant Garde art class.  The instructor was showing various ways that people have created sculptures that convey meaning.  To illustrate good work the instructor showed how a person had set up three pieces of cardboard vertically and created braces across the pieces.  Then colorful strips of twirling three dimensional paper was draped just so over the braces to create a life form.  As I sat there watching the presentation I was sure that someone had registered me for the wrong class. Then the professor, seeing my confused face, came over and asked me why I was questioning my being there.  My response, "I don't know how to work with clay."  Her response, "you'll find another way."  After class I spoke with this imagined instructor and told her that I had little instruction in art, but there was a topic for which I was passionate that I would like to give sculpting a chance.  She smiled and nodded that I should stay.

I emailed my uncle who teaches art this morning and pitched my idea.  I'm hoping he gives me some technical feedback on some of the media I want to use for this project.  But the big idea is expressing how as a pastor I have many spiritual children - many people reaching into my life wanting more - yet, my hands remain empty.  I want to visually demonstrate how being a spiritual mother can emphasize and sometimes almost feel like it is taking away the opportunity to be a biological mother.  I have a detailed image in my head of this sculpture and how I will do it - now I just need to get the right materials and get started.


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