Two Adoption Books - Covenants of God

One of the adoption agencies in our state gives potential adoptive parents the option of being listed in one of two notebooks.  The first book is for those who are open to any child, no matter the biological parents' race or the child's expected gender.  The second book is for those who are specific in regard to whether or not they want their child to be a certain gender or if they want the child to possibly look like their potential adoptive parents.  Two books - two options - two routes for adoption.

In preparing for a small group Bible study at my church I came across a question that asked about the difference between God's covenant of grace with the Hebrews and God's covenant of grace in Christ Jesus.  As I read this question, it really struck me that these two covenants are very similar to the two notebooks in this adoption agency's office.  God's covenant with the Hebrew or Jewish people is quite similar to the second notebook, where adoptive parents who are specific in their desire for a child are listed. In the first covenant there is a specific ethnic group or nation that has been chosen to receive the gift of being part of the family of God and to receive the inheritance that comes with that adoption. The first notebook reminds me of the new covenant in which through Christ all are welcomed, regardless of their nationality or gender.  All are welcome to receive the inheritance of the children of God!



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