Bringing Femininity to Your Career

I am inspired by Anouk Wipprecht who is part of the Intel Edison team. As a scientist and an engineer she has found ways to express her femininity rather than wear the clothing of the male majority in her field. Not that doing so would have been a bad thing, but it takes confidence to become the "Hardware Couture."

One woman who has inspired me like Anouk in my own field is Kathleen Kline Moore. She is a pastor in Virginia who is very graceful and embraces her role as mother, classical dancer, caregiver for the impoverished, and pastor. 

I hope that I can be a role model for young girls and women who enjoy playing dress up and decorating with roses and lace who also feel called to the pastoral ministry. I desire to be a tool for God growing the Kingdom on earth and I hope that I can be part of our church becoming a healthy and constantly growing role model for churches in our state.

There are so many women in the Bible who are inspirational: Phoebe, the pastor at Cenchreae; Junia, one of the more outstanding apostles; the woman elders who cared for the young in faith; Priscilla, who instructed Apollos; Tabitha, who cared for the poor; Mary (sibling of Martha & Lazarus), who sat at Jesus' feet; Joanna, manager of Herod's household; Susanna; Mary Magdalene; Deborah, who ruled Israel; Sarah, mother of our faith; the list goes on and on.  If only we could see gender as the Bible really portrays it!



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