God uses our evil to bring about good - Augustine quote


"Evil people make evil use of all the good creations of God.
Good people, on the other hand, make good use of the evil actions of the wicked.
And who is as good as the one and only God?"

he later writes...

"For as the wicked turn the good works of God to an evil use, so inversely God turns the evil works of human beings to good.  What can be worse than what Judas did? He was chosen as the treasurer among the Twelve who would dispense gifts to the poor. But instead of being thankful for so great an honor and favor, he took the money and lost righteousness.  Being dead, he betrayed life.  The one he followed as a disciple he betrayed as an enemy.  Yet our Lord made a good use of his wickedness, allowing himself to be betrayed so that he might redeem us... If God employs the evil works of the devil himself for good, whatever the evil person does my making bad use of God's good gifts only hurts himself. It in no way contradicts the goodness of God."  (Tractates on the Gospel of John)


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