Billy Graham's "Nearing Home" Group Discussion Guide - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - "Fading Strength But Standing Strong"

1.  Please share about a time you felt physically weak.

2. How do you recognize God's voice?

3. Aging is irreversible.  As such, what are ways we can embrace it?  What are some aspects of aging that we feel it is okay to fight?  Why?

4. How have you earned your scars and wrinkles? (p. 80)

5. What is the fountain of life?

6.  What is your pace of life?  How has it changed over the years?  How do you see it changing as you get older?

7.  Which of the following perils do you think you are most susceptible to and why:  fear, depression, anger, intense loneliness, being self-absorbed?

8.  "How do we overcome the perils that steal our zest for life?" (p. 89)

9.  What are some of the special joys of old age?

10.  How is God calling you to depend upon Him?


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