More than Serendipitous

Just 5 days ago my husband and I learned we were making a trip back to the city in which we started our marriage.  He still works for his employer there, even though we've moved over 1,000 miles away. Tonight we decided to go out for dinner with friends. As we were walking into the restaurant, much to our surprise my husband found a group of his co-workers from a previous employment enjoying dinner together.  This group hasn't gotten together for a while and they are now all working for different companies.  They decided some time had passed and it would be good to reconnect.  Why they chose a Wednesday evening to do so, we don't know, as this is not typical behavior for this group.  Ironically, when we walked into the restaurant they were in the middle of discussing my husband and wondering what he was up to and where he was at these days.  There are thousands of restaurants in this city, hundreds within a few miles of our hotel, and this group of old friends/co-workers decided to meet at the same restaurant we were going to at the same time that we were meeting friends there.  And to make it even more miraculous, we usually eat dinner at least an hour later than the time that we walked into the restaurant.

This entire trip has felt God-ordained from the very beginning.  This is beyond coincidence.  It is even beyond, in my opinion, statistical explanation.  


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