Accidental Racist

I want to thank Brad Paisley & LL Cool J for not being P.C. and for being real.  I'm disappointed that the articles published by major news sites have been short and have not dug into the meaning of the "Accidental Racist" lyrics or discussed how they might be representative of more than Paisley and Cool J.  I'm also disappointed that talk show personalities, like Ellen, have not asked the hard questions.  The fact that there has been unity in putting down this song and not more back and forth conversation though makes me question if the song accomplished its goal.  The unity of people's responses online also leads me to question the authenticity of the responses. When was the last time we were this united as a nation? Especially on a topic that so deeply touches the core of people's self-understanding?

 I am in agreement with these guys, that if people are afraid to say how they actually feel and have the conversation, we won't get over our racial divides.  If we aren't all willing to give a little, recognizing our own judgments and aren't willing to reconsider another's views we remain stuck and racism just shows up in a new way.

Another thought for those news writers out there - if you don't want to dig too much into the meaning of the lyrics, at least write about the impact of music on culture, the power of a symbol, or even trace key moments in art history in which racism have been addressed. Couldn't you add well-researched meat of some sort to the discussion?


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