HSP - continued

I am still reading Dr. Elaine N. Aron's book "The Highly Sensitive Person" and it continues to be healing and life-transforming.  I never thought one book (besides the Bible) could have such an impact on my life.  One of the things I appreciate is how it explains my life experiences, re-frames them, and shows how they are unique.  For example, as a child, it often bugged me that people didn't listen to what I was saying behind my words, they couldn't read between the lines to my heart and my non-verbals.  I was saying so much, yet they heard so little.  The author, Dr. Aron explains that Highly Sensitive People are able to catch nuances and things that are left unsaid that so many other people miss.  I thought others were just not being good listeners or they just didn't care enough to respond.  This also helps me to understand why I am able to carry on a pleasant and meaningful conversation with people who have dementia or similar memory loss.  I am present in the moment with them and I hear what they are feeling and even to some degree what they are thinking.  People who are not Highly Sensitive People (HSP) would say that this is not possible, but other HSPs would verify that more often than not this type of listening is validated as accurate and appreciated.


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