evangelical Christian homemaker perfection

One of my very close friends who is a professional mother recently wrote a blog post that I think needs to get extra attention and a lot of hits:

Pinterest and the Devil

One of the blessings of attending a mainline protestant church rather than an evangelical protestant church (both are Christian) is that I don't have to face "the perfect Christian woman" image that is so prevalent in the evangelical wing of Christianity.  No pressure to wear makeup, have my hair perfectly styled, nails manicured, have my home decorated like Martha Stewart, or even to be a parent.  But, I do admit that when I have spent time with my evangelical Christian female friends, I have felt that jealousy bug creep in - giving me a desire for something that will never be me and is not me.  This is one of the reasons in my 20s I was cautious about joining Christian women-only groups - they seemed to harbor these ideals.

Actually, I've kind of wondered if us mainline Christians are the misfits of U.S. American Christianity.  Because we sure attract a variety of looking people, especially those who have eccentric ideas or like to think outside of the box.  And I don't think this is a bad thing.


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