Psalm 36:5-10 modernized - All praise is due God.

Your gracious care, O Lord, extends beyond our human race,
it enfolds plant life, animals, nature, and even angels!
Your covenant of love has no borders.
Jesus, Your perfection has grandeur greater than 
St. Helens, Mt. Everest, and the Alps combined.
The depth of wisdom to your judgments,
who can comprehend?
Through them you bring about life
for both humanity and the animal kingdom.
How great of value is Our Mighty One!
We find comfort and safety in Your wake.
Your supply is overwhelming,
You not only provide for our needs,
but delight in our pleasures as well.
You are our womb.
From within Your being,
we gain vision and sight.
Persevere, O Lord, in being our teddy bear,
the One who comforts and loves us
and invites us to be intimately known.
Share Your perfection with us,
and make our hearts right like Your own.


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