Bethany Frank

I had a dear friend in late elementary school named Bethany Frank.  I think of her often and wonder where she is now.  We corresponded for a while after she moved away.  I remember going to her house and watching her mom make applesauce.  I remember going Christmas caroling with her church. I remember our celebrating my birthday at a theme park in Kansas and I even have one of those old fashioned pictures that we had taken while there.

There are a lot of Bethany Franks in this world.  I've searched Google & Facebook and found they were no help in reconnecting with this friend.  So, I'm taking a chance and writing this post. Hoping that someday she Googles herself (I'm assuming she is married now and the name by which I know her is her maiden name) and comes across this post and contacts me.

So, Bethany, if by chance you are reading this and you share these memories, I would love to connect and hear about where God has carried you thus far in your adult life.  My parents still live at the same address and I believe their phone number is the same as it was then.  I'm sure you could call the Curves in our hometown and they would help us to connect - in fact that might be the best way for us to reconnect.  I no longer live there, but I would love to hear from you.

Oddly, about a year ago, I prayed and asked God that I would run into one of our mutual classmates who had attended your church.  God answered that prayer, but for some reason I didn't go up to them and ask if they were still in contact with you.  I can't believe I passed up that opportunity.  Anyways, I pray that you are well!


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