My Personal Mission

Note - this is in process and may be edited from time to time.

Personal Mission

To recognize and highlight the Imago Dei in all of God's human creation.

1) As a child of God, I am inspired to embody the aroma of Jesus Christ while daily taking steps of faith that reflect my reliance on the ever-present love and wisdom of God.

2) As a family member and friend, I am committed to being a prayerful, honest, and loving presence; a loved one who is willing to take the risk, to create and preserve sacred space. What I seek in return is a space where I can also be vulnerable and admit my sin and receive God's grace.

3) As a minister of God's healing grace, I am called to be a messenger--translating across cultural ravines--for the purpose of: a) building unity in the church, b) furthering the kingdom of God, c) sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and life in the Spirit.

My Core Values:

  • Serving and ministering to those marginalized by church and society.
  • Protecting and honoring key relationships: my husband, my immediate & extended family, my closest friends.
  • Creating environments of empowerment where others are able to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Honoring the Sabbath and using time in a manner that honors God.
  • Fully trusting God - a.k.a. "Letting Go and Letting God."
  • Seeing the image of God (Imago Dei) in every human being - standing up and fighting on issues related to the scaring of Human Dignity.


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