God Sightings

This has been a week of God sightings.
  • This past Monday immediately after receiving a phone call that could have made me very nervous, a beautiful, bright rainbow with clearly defined colors appeared perfectly framed by my living room window on a sunny day.   It was as if God was saying "I promised" and "It will turn out alright."
  • This morning I had a dream where an acquaintance came to my door and asked me to intercede in prayer for him.  
  • And this past week my mom encouraged me to contact this pastor who lives 1,000 miles away whom I have never met to see if he would be willing to meet.  I contacted a member of his church and within 24 hours I received an email response saying that this pastor will be in my neighborhood this upcoming week and was given his cell number!
In none of these circumstances was I expecting to hear from God.  Perhaps I should be listening more!


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