Read Matthew 11:28-30

Are you tired?  Too exhausted to carry on?  Does life’s burdens just seem too much for you to carry alone?  Want to give up?  Run to Jesus.  He is waiting for you.  Trade your yoke for his.  For the one you carry is too heavy and the one he offers is light and easy.  Jesus is gentle. Jesus is humble.  He offers you rest for your soul.  He calls out to you, “Come.  Come to me.”  Run, my friend.  Run to Jesus.  He is waiting for you.

[breathe in]          Come Jesus.  
[breathe out]        I rest in you. 
[breathe in]          I come running.   
[breathe out]        Here I am God. 
[breathe in]          I trust in you. 
[breathe out, open your hands so that your palms are facing up
                            Here is my yoke, it is heavy and tiresome.  
[breath in]            I trust in you. 
[breathe out]        Free me. 
[breathe in]          Peace and calm You bring to me. 
[breath out]         Thank you Jesus.


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