Everyone is pregnant!

So this blog is a blog of personal bewilderment.  Everyone is pregnant! Yes, indeed they are.  Let's see:

  • Of my two best female friends - one is already a mother & the other found out this spring that she is carrying a little one in her womb.  I'm so glad that she was the first person to tell me that she was pregnant.
  • Then there is our couple's small group leaders - they are expecting their first.
  • Next up, is my closest guy friend from seminary - his wife is expecting.
  • Then my best guy friend from middle school through high school - his wife is expecting.
  • Then there is one of my closest clergy friends - she is expecting.  In fact she told me she was pregnant when I called her to confirm that she wasn't.  Everyone else was expecting - so why shouldn't she?
  • Then there is one of the women from seminary who was my theology partner.  She recently announced that she is expecting.
  • My roommate from college called to tell me she is pregnant.
  • And today I received a phone call from another very close friend - in fact I considered her my closest friend in middle school.  She is expecting.
I would think that I just have a pregnancy radar on high sensitivity scale, but these are all people who are very close to me.  I'm not overly aware - this is a reality!


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