What type of apologies are meaningful to you?

Wow! I am not a fan of assessments personally - I usually find that they tell me what I already know. But this assessment is incredible! I had never before really considered that people have different languages of apology and that different people need different types of apology.

This assessment showed me why some people's apologies never fully feel acceptable to me (and even at times seem insensitive) while others really speak to my heart and make it much easier to forgive.

Here is the assessment: Apology Language Profile

It is created by the same person who wrote about the 5 love languages.

My results:


Expressing Regret


Accepting Responsibility


Making Restitution


Genuinely Repenting


Requesting Apology

I also re-took the 5 love languages assessment. What I discovered was that my love languages are different for my husband than what they are for my family and friends.

My results as a Wife:


Words of Affirmation


Quality Time


Receiving Gifts


Acts of Service


Physical Touch


For example, when someone says "Will you forgive me?" without first recognizing their responsibility, I feel like they are shifting the responsibility from them to the me. I had not realized that "Will you forgive me?" was the same as saying "I am sorry. I really messed up and I hurt you."

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