Storms of Life

In the midst of the storm, Jesus is sleeping. When he is awoken by the disciples he asks, "Why are you fearful?"

Sometimes in the midst of trouble people ask, "Where is God?" There is talk of a Dark Night of the Soul. People question whether God is always alert to their troubles. Has He left me? Has God fallen asleep? Does God not care?

Yet, in Matthew 8, we have the disciples in a boat, in the midst of a storm, afraid! And Jesus, although sleeping, is with them. "O you of little faith" he comments.

What if God is sleeping during the midst of our trials? What if God does not seem fully alert to what is taking place? What does it mean for God to be present, even if He is not present in the ways that we desire?

The disciples were safe, because God was with them, even though He, in the presence of His Son, was asleep.

In the midst of our trials and tribulations, the storms that make life seem difficult, God is with us - Immanuel! He has not forgotten us nor has he forsaken us. God remains faithful, even when we are faithless. Just think about that. Jesus was asleep. He seemed unaware of the storm. Yet the disciples were completely safe - for God was with them.

Is God with you today? If you doubt His presence, seek His face. Be as the disciples, cry out "Help my unbelief!"


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