29 Minutes for 29 Miners: Unplug to Remember Lives Lost

29 Minutes for 29 Miners: Unplug to Remember Lives Lost

Thursday, April 29, 2010
7:00pm - 7:30pm
Everywhere and Anywhere


At the end of every plug and light switch, thousands of hard workers are toiling away in the dark in order to keep our lights on.

On April 29th remember the cherished lives of the 29 people who died in the April 5th Upper Big Branch mine disaster by powering down from 7 to 7:29 pm EST.

Unplug electronics, switch off your lights, or turn off your cell phone. Let's honor those who provide the fuel for over half of our electricity!

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Just one blog post - pretty simple!

In January I went on an immersion study trip to eastern Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains. The team that I joined was made up of seminary students from across the country. We wanted to do something in response to the recent mine disaster in West Virginia which would show our support and solidarity with the miner's families and also raise awareness of how our lives are impacted daily by their lives. This is what we came up with - 29 Minutes for 29 Miners.

While in Appalachia, we were often encouraged by locals to think of miners whenever we switched on and off a light. We also noticed that at the majority of the homes and businesses we visited, appliances that were being unused were not only switched off, but also unplugged! Plugged in appliances and electronics that are not being used still use electricity!!! Here are some sites where you can learn more about this:

Check out this website in particular: http://standby.lbl.gov/summary-chart.html


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