Lack of Temptation

"... we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are--yet was without sin." (Hebrews 4:15b)

I read this verse and I think, "there is a difference between temptation and sin," and "I don't feel as though I am tempted much."

If Jesus, who was holy and perfect, was tempted, why don't I feel as though I, an imperfect person, is tempted often? Is it because the areas where I give into temptation are areas where I don't even acknowledge that I am being tempted? Have I become so comfortable with certain sins in my life that I no longer acknowledge them as sin?

Perhaps even as we mature in our faith the temptations become different. Perhaps the temptations are to put other things before God, so that we don't set aside time to worship God? Perhaps the temptation is to worry, when we know that God has our back? Perhaps the temptation is to advocate for ourselves when we already have an advocate in heaven? Perhaps my motivations need to be re-examined and my words need to come much slower. Perhaps I need to text the anxiety in my heart and re-examine its source and meaning. Perhaps I am being selfish and not really caring for my brother/sister, especially when it requires me going out of my way. Perhaps, my temptation is to make my vision narrow so that I don't have to see where God might be calling. Perhaps my temptation is to stay safe and avoid suffering for the cause of Christ. Perhaps.

Lord, help me to see where it is that I have been and am being tempted recently and show me how I have given in to that temptation. Thank you. Amen.


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