Climate Change

I've been pretty silent when it comes to the discussion of Global Warming. The reason - it always seems that there is some new scientific concern that enlists people to change their habits to prevent the end of the world. In many ways I think arguments in both directions are inconclusive. I agree we should change our habits to better take care of the earth which God has stewarded to us, but I don't think this change in habits must be associated with a form of doom-prevention. We need to change our habits for the foremost because we care and our called to be good stewards.

A co-worker recently passed on this article to me that I thought I would share here. I am not sharing it to enforce its position, but rather to demonstrate that we can throw our analysis of scientific fact back-and-forth and that our position is largely based upon our interpretation. Yes, I believe that we either are or are not experiencing global warming. Yes, I believe that whichever condition is true there are consequences to that status for our environment. I just don't know which interpretation of the situation is more close to the truth. I do know that our environment is changing and that we are not being good stewards. We need to change our habits and live more creatively.

Here is the article/blog post:


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