Psalm 103 - What it says about humans.

What does Psalm 103 say about those who follow God?
  • The soul of the believer shall bless the LORD.
  • The believer is encouraged not to forget all the benefits she receives from the LORD.
  • All iniquities are forgiven.
  • All diseases are healed.
  • Her life is redeemed from the Pit.
  • She is crowned with steadfast love and mercy.
  • She is satisfied with good all the days of her life.
  • This good renews her youth.
  • The oppressed is vindicated and justice is done on her behalf.
  • Relates with a generous God who forgives sin and is merciful toward her.
  • Steadfastly loved by God.
  • Sins are distantly removed.
  • Her days are like grass or flowers of the field who disappear with a wind.
  • As she fears the LORD, the LORD bestows on her a steadfast love that is everlasting.
  • As she keeps His covenant and obeys His commandments, He extends righteousness to her children and her children's children.


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