Given More Than Enough

Today I was thinking about what it means to be one of the elite. I have received one of the best educations and been blessed by some great scholarships. I feel rich just by living in the United States. Even if my economic status qualifies me for living in the category of "the poor," I am blessed with financial resources that are unavailable to the truly poor. I also am surrounded by highly influential people from whom I get to learn how to make it in this world.

I am also blessed to have a relationship with Christ, which overshadows all other forms of wealth. I also have a family who loves me. We may not be perfect, but we have a lot going for us. We have had out times of trial and experienced tribulation, but we are still one - for which I give thanks.

So, I look at all that I have been given and I wonder, "How do I express gratefulness for what I have and at the same time act in such a manner that uplifts and honors those who do not have the same blessings?"


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