Need proof?

Jesus did not seem to have a need to prove himself to anyone. Whether it was in his judicial trial before his Crucifixion or in his temptation trial in the wilderness before his ministry, he never succumbed to pressures asking him to assert his authority or identity. He knew who he was and he didn't have to prove his identity to anyone.

Even when performing miracles or teaching profound truths, Jesus acted, spoke, and lived out of compassion and truth and not out of pride or self-doubt. In fact, it seems that he avoided doing miracles when demanded as a means of proof, but rather leaned upon the faith of those in need. He healed in response to faith, not testing. He taught in parables so that those who were ready to hear would hear and those who weren't would not.

Perhaps the fact that Jesus did not prove his identity on demand is proof that this inclination of humans to prove themselves is a sin. Because Jesus did not sin, he could not question his own identity and thus he had nothing to prove. He knew who he was and recognized that it would take faith for others to recognize as well.

(Just some thoughts - these may be editable at a later date - I am just processing out loud.)


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