Won large sum of money

Another paper I found while cleaning, explains what I would do if I won a large sum of money:

  • 10% churches
  • Trust fund started for the non-profit youth ministry in hometown - designed to always have an interest of $10,000 to support at least a volunteer ministry in the area
  • College fund set up for the kids who are part of the non-profit in my hometown (see above)
  • Pay off the debt of two of my roomates from college.
  • My sister's college fund
  • Pay off my college loans
  • Create a personal education fund for myself
  • Buy a house
  • Give money to the regional office of Young Life
  • Make a donation to my major's department at the college from which I graduated
  • Contribute to the ministerial education fund of my home church and the regional office of my denomination
  • Start an education fund for my god-daughter
  • Buy my parents a new vehicle and pay off any of their debt
  • Build my retirement fund


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