Could we be wrong?

This morning as I drove to work I listened to a dramatic interpretation of a Scriptural passage about the start of the Church. For some reason I was drawn to pay attention to the manner that the Jewish believers were depicted in the tale. In the story the voice of the Jews was one of blind antagonism towards the message of the gospel. As I listened, I wondered if it was really blind antagonism or perhaps a desire to protect orthodoxy and a concern for or a belief that these new rabbi teaching about Jesus might lead people astray and them away from rightful worship of the one true God.

Those early thoughts guided me through a day of prayer and meditation in which God challenged me to consider my own orthodoxy and my own desire to protect those foundational beliefs or interpretations of Scripture to which I hold on to so dearly that I cannot hear the possibility of what others share. Am I like the mother in the audio skit trying to protect her children from what she viewed as anti-God? Am I receptive to the good news that God is preaching and delivering to us today?

Thomas Merton in Thoughts in Solitude prayed, "Nor do I really know myself...and the fact that I think that I am following Your will does not mean that I am actually doing so." Do I really give serious consideration to the fact that I and those around me who are "solid Christians" could be wrong?

Merton continues, "And I knot that if I do this [desire to please God] You will lead me by the right road, though I may know nothing about it at the time."

I am reminded, in the midst of asking these questions, that I do know Christ and that Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit have transformed me in such a powerful way that I cannot deny specific things about these three entities of God. But, I can leave room in the gray areas to experience the transforming grace of Christ as I take time to truly consider other's beliefs and trust the Lord God to lead me and to, using the words of Merton, "never leave me to face my troubles all alone." I trust God to guide me in His path of righteousness, but I also remember that I am a human, subject to weakness and failure. But boy do I serve an amazing God!

Lord, help me to do what is right, to seek after You, and to be your child.

Love you much!


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Katie Z. said…
I love this post. I've never read that passage from Acts that way, but the way the spirit inspired you to hear it has really struck a chord with me too.

I guess I always live in the grey area of scripture... and I guess the reason I love being Methodist is that I have the chance to work with multiple sources. Yes, the scriptures are primary, but we always read them alongside our traditions, our reason and our experience (which for me, is listening to the Holy Spirit in our midst).

Tradition really is the orthodoxy that says we read a certain passage of scripture one way or another. Reason carries with it loads of cultural assumptions. As does experience. but if we are faithfully and prayerfully searching the truth in the scriptures, and listening for the Holy Spirit's guidance, we just might glimpse a hint of the truth.

Here I think is one extremely faithful way of preaching the truth of the gospel while at the same time sharing that an experience of the Holy spoke against the very words of scriptures. Maybe it will be helpful?

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